Current Graduate Students:

Mary-Anne Fobert

PhD – Remote sensing of impact structures on Mars and Earth

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Philip Gores*

PhD - Development of protective systems for multi-impact threats

Maree Magregor

PhD - Geology of selected Canadian impact structures; their shock history and geochronology

*co-supervised with Mechanical Engineering 

Current Staff:

PASSC Director

Dr. John Spray

High strain-rate deformation processes, planetary materials, frictional melting, shock metamorphism and melting, and high-speed impact processes

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PASSC Data Manager

Lara Gatineau-Bochard

Management of Canada’s NASA-supported Regional Planetary Image Facility, the Earth Impact Database and PASSC website and day-to-day operations of PASSC

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PASSC Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Lucy Thompson

Impact processes, pseudotachylytes, impact crater geology,  Sudbury, Manicouagan, lunar and martian geology; science team member for the Mars Science Laboratory Rover mission (MSL) and collaborator on the Alpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer instrument (MSL)

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PASSC Research Scientist

Dr. Catherine O'Connell-Cooper Science team member for the Mars Science Laboratory Rover mission Contact Catherine

PASSC Centre Administrator

Sue Gallivan

Financial and administrative duties for centre

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