Upcoming 2018 Colloquium

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 11 Josh Tan (NIST) Experiments with Highly Ionized Atoms Captured at Low Energy
Jan. 25  Mustafa Afzal Saeed (UNB) Self-Adjoint Operators in Quantum Mechanics
Feb. 1 Andrés Ramirez Aguilera (UNB)  Optimization of a Parallel-Plate RF Probe for High Resolution Thin Film Imaging
Feb. 8 Shahla Ahmadi (UNB) Evaluation of approaches to reduce a characteristic measurement time in MRI of sprays
Feb. 22 Shiva David (UNB) On the relationship between Sporadic-E, Scintillation and slant Total Electron Content
March 1 Sreedevi. M. Narayanan (UNB) Scintillation characteristics across the GPS frequencies in the high-latitude region
March 15 Hanif Zarringhalam (UNB) On the Spectroscopy of Aromatic Ring Molecules: Catechol, Pyrrole and Furan
March 20 Jan Cami (UWO)  (CAP Lecture series) The Search for Life in the Universe
April 5  Natasha Grace Holmes (Cornell) Rethinking Intro Physics Labs
July 10 Joran Moen (U of Oslo) On the "Grand Challenge Initiative-Cusp" Rocket Project
Sept 13 Swadesh Patra  Designing an experiment for Space Weather Modeling
Sept. 20 Amy-Rae Gauthier (UNB) Developing a Diffusion Tensor Imaging Technique for Turbulent Flow
Sept. 27 Ming-Guang Hu (Harvard) Ultracold Molecular Physics and Chemistry
Oct. 16 Pervez Hoobhoy (Quaid-I-Azam) What can Physics in 5 Dimensions teach us about Strong Interactions?

Past Colloquium