Mathematics Placement Test

Many new UNB students are required to take an introductory calculus course called MATH 1003.  Before you are allowed to take this course you must either pass UNB's math placement test or be exempted from taking it.

The purpose of the Placement Test is to ensure that students have a realistic chance at success in first year calculus.  Based on their test scores, students will be directed to enrol in:

  • a regular (one semester) section of MATH 1003;
  • a special section of MATH 1003 that covers the material of the regular version of MATH 1003 over two semesters; or
  • a pre-calculus course (MATH 0863).

Students are allowed one retake if they do not initially qualify to take a regular (one semester) section of MATH 1003.

Schedule and instructions for upcoming sittings of the math placement test