Faculty and Staff

UNB Faculty

Allan Adam, Professor (cross-appt, Physics) Physical Chemistry


Bruce Balcom, Professor (Physics, cross-appt) Magnetic Resonance Imaging contact
Barry A. Blight, Assistant Professor Inorganic Chemistry contact
David Burns, Vice-President (Research) Bioanalytical chemistry contact
Larry Calhoun, Associate Professor Organic Chemistry/NMR Spectroscopy contact
Felipe Chibante, Professor (Chemical Eng, cross-appt) Carbon and Natural Nanomaterials Production contact
Rodney Cooper, Professor (Computer Science, cross-appt) Advanced Software in Rational drug Design contact
Andreas Decken, Associate Professor & Asst. Dean of Science Inorganic Chemistry, X-ray Crystallography contact
Ghislain Deslongchamps, Professor & Chair (cross-appt, Computer Science) Organic Chemistry; Computational Drug Design, Chemical Education contact
Adam Dyker, Associate Professor Inorganic and Organic Chemistry; Electrochemistry and Organic batteries contact
Sara Eisler, Associate Professor Organic Chemistry contact
Noureddin Elbakali Kassimi, Senior Teaching Instructor Physical Chemistry, Teaching contact
Christopher Gray, Associate Professor (UNBSJ) Organic Chemistry contact
Anna Ignaszak, Associate Professor Functional Materials, Analytical Chemistry contact
David MaGee, Professor & Dean of Science Organic Chemistry contact
John Neville, Associate Professor Physical Chemistry contact
Yonghao Ni, Professor (joint with Chem. Engineering) Pulp and Paper research contact
Valerie Reeves, Senior Teaching Instructor Teaching contact
James Tait, Senior Teaching Instructor Organic Chemistry, Teaching contact
Gilles Villemure, Professor Chemical modification of electrode surfaces with thin films of porous inorganic solids contact

Professor Emeritus

Frank Bottomley Organic Chemistry contact
John Findlay Organic Chemistry contact
Fritz  Grein Theoretical Chemistry contact
Saba Mattar Physical Chemistry contact
Jack Passmore Inorganic Chemistry contact
Ajit J. Thakkar Theoretical Chemistry contact


Krista Coy Administrative Assistant contact
Adam Fowler Electronic Techician contact
Ed Goodfellow Science Stores Manager contact
Michael Albright Technical Officer, Electronic Shop contact
Brian Malcolm Glassblower (Faculty of Science) contact
Gilles Vautour Mass Spectrometry, Level1 Computer Support contact