Rules & Policies 

Residence Refund Policy

Students who have signed the Residence Contract are responsible for all fees associated with the eight month academic term. Students who wish to be released from their residence contract should be aware of the Residence Contract Cancellation Policy.

Residence Damage

Residents damaging university property shall pay the repair cost and possibly a disciplinary fine. Damage not attributable to individuals is charged to the House Committee and, hence, all House residents.

You must pay your damage charges through the Financial Services office.

To appeal a damage charge, submit your appeal in writing to your Residential Life Coordinator (RLC) within ten (10) days of receipt of the invoice. Your appeal should include all information known about the damage, including who might be responsible for it (if not you). The Residential Life Coordinator (RLC) or the Office of the Senior Director, Student Life, may levy additional disciplinary fines related to damages.

Damages should be reported as soon as possible to the cleaning staff, Proctor, or your Residential Life Coordinator (RLC) so that the Residence Facilities Administrative Assistant and the Director, Finance and Operations can be advised. After-hours (nights and weekends), serious problems (broken pipes, wiring malfunctions, etc.) should be reported to Security (453-4830) who will notify Facilities Management if necessary.

Residents experiencing difficulty with door locks should report the problem immediately to ensure security and reduce the possibility of a lock failure. 

Residence Contract

When you check in to both traditional and suite style residence, you must sign the Residence Contract before you receive your keys. We invite you to review and familiarize yourself with the terms of the contract before you arrive on campus. 

Roommate Handbook & Contract

We have put together a short handbook and sample contract, which covers topics that can sometimes cause conflict between roommates.

Early Arrival Policy

It is important that our residents, supporters and community members are aware that Residential Life is only able to offer early residence accommodations for students belonging to an approved early arrival groups. Please review our Early Arrival Policy Guide for more details.