Become a Proctor

Proctors are student leaders who are selected to help provide a supportive, positive living environment for students in residence. Students may apply for the role following an information session early in the Winter semester. Following interviews, successful candidates are selected by Residence Life Coordinators.

Proctors serve in one of two roles:

  • Hall Proctor: Provides support within a specific area or Hall of each House, focusing on helping residents develop life skills and creating a sense of community within the Hall. Hall Proctors work collaboratively with the Residence Life Coordinators, Residence Administration, and facilities personnel to report damages and create a safe and clean living environment. 
  • Educational Proctor: Provides support for all students within the House with a focus on academic success and wellness, which includes organizing in-House tutorials and study groups and referring residents to the appropriate resources–Writing and Study Skills Centre, Counseling Services, etc.

While each position has its own specific roles and responsibilities, all Proctors:

  • Provide mentoring, support, and referrals.
  • Attend board and committee meetings and support other Proctors and the Residence Life Coordinators.
  • Support all House activities and communicate with students via whiteboards, posters, newsletters, email, Hall meetings, etc.
  • Help with in check-in, check-out and the ongoing administration of their House.
  • Assume responsibility for discipline within the house and in meal halls. This includes nightly duty shifts, shared coverage of house functions, Last Class Bash, holidays, and remaining in residence until the day after all other residence students are required to check out (both semesters).
  • Hall and Ed Proctors have front line responsibility in crisis response. They go through rigorous training in conflict resolution, resources and referrals as well as First Aid.  
  • Participate in leadership development opportunities and training including Fall Training, January Jam, Bridging Day and Orientation Training.
  • Are ultimately responsible to the Director of Residence Life.


The Community Development Model

Details about the 2018-2019 Community Development Model will be posted soon.