Welcoming Ceremonies Guidelines

The purpose of the House Welcoming Ceremony, at the end of Orientation Week, is to officially welcome first-year students into the house.

The following guidelines will help ensure that we prevent humiliation, hazing, initiation, unpleasant actions, or embarrassment during the Ceremony.


  • There will be no aspect of secrecy. This includes covering or darkening any window in the building, or not fully explaining the process of the ceremony to the first-year students ahead of time.
  • There will be no hoods, blindfolds or anything to inhibit the students' vision or increase anxiety. The lights in the hallways and rooms where the event is taking place will remain on.
  • There will be no yelling, screaming, or verbal abuse of the first-year students. This is a welcoming ceremony, not a rite of passage. The students will be held in the same esteem as the people leading the ceremony. There will be no enforced silences, mass kneeling, or restricting where and/or how students can sit. For example: leaders will not sit in chairs or on couches while first year students sit on the floor.
  • Students will not be made to drink, eat, or come in contact with anything that is meant to be a “gross out” or unpleasant to consume.
  • Any quests or task that may be a part of the ceremony must be submitted and described in detail for each individual student (not just examples), approved by the Don of each house and then forwarded to the Coordinator for final approval.
  • If these ceremonies include a pledge or oath, this MUST also be forwarded to your Residential Life Coordinator (RLC) in advance of the event for approval.
  • The opportunity to opt out of the ceremony will be made clear to each student in a way that makes it a real option (no embarrassment) and leaves the student still feeling part of the house. Example: Students opting out might bypass the ceremony but still rejoin the group at the end.
  • Welcoming Ceremonies will be held during the time designated in the orientation schedule and will not involve other activities occurring earlier or later in the term.

UNB does not tolerate hazing in any form. Any individual, sports team, group or organization that plans or engages in hazing is in violation of UNB Policy, and risks suspension or expulsion.

If you have any questions regarding the Welcoming Ceremony, please contact the Residence Coordinator at kskentel@unb.ca or 458-7002.