Join a House Orientation Committee

Helping to Ease First-year Transition

Each September, UNB welcomes a great many new students to our campus.  In order to ease their transition to university life and to provide new students with a warm welcome, an extensive Orientation program is developed and implemented by academic faculties, the residence community, and the UNB Student Union.  House Orientation Committees (HOCs) are an important part of this process.

The House President and Community RLC chair the HOC, which is composed of:

  • House President
  • House Vice President
  • Additional returning house members (maximum of 8 per house, except McLeod and Joy Kidd, which may have a maximum of 13)

Applying to be an HOC member

Think you'd like to be an HOC member for the upcoming academic year? In the spring, pick up an application from your Don and return it to your Don by the deadline that will be announced later this year.

HOCs must sign a contract (PDF) on Bridging Day. This contract outlines the responsibilities HOCs have regarding designing and implementing Orientation Week schedules, Hazing, and Alcohol Policies.

So Now You're an HOC Member....

The next step is to prepare for Fall Training and Orientation.

Every fall, our HOCs come back to campus after a long summer away from residence and take part in our Fall Training program. You’ll learn how to handle difficult situations, how to familiarize first year-students with campus, and how to recognize and avoid hazing activities.

In the meantime, check out the Orienting New Students and Creating Communities guide (PDF).