Join a House Committee 

House Committees are elected bodies of students who plan events for their respective houses, and who offer leadership and advice on house affairs.

Leadership Ethics

House Committee leaders are role models for the house (the number of HC members varies by house).

House Committee leaders abide by the following ethics:

  • Maintaining and agreeing upon a high code of standards for the House Committee and the house as a whole
  • Respecting the integrity and protecting the physical and emotional welfare of the house residents
  • Respecting the convictions and values of the house
  • Handling house dues and house revenue with integrity

Planning Resources

House Committees plan activities that are inclusive and positive. Following are resources that can help with your planning. 

  • Student Event Planning Resources: A UNB Fredericton Student Events Application must be submitted by any Recognized University Student Group wishing to organize a non-academic activity/event other than a regular meeting of its member. This includes Residence Community House Committees.
  • House Committee Handbook (PDF): Trying to make the most of your House Committee experience and ensure you're doing the right things to prepare for events for your house? The Handbook offers guidelines regarding house events, charities, and more!
  • Managing House Finances - A Guide for House Treasurers (PDF): Being a House Treasurer is an important and challenging position. This Handbook outlines everything from handling house funds to reimbursements, house merchandise to changeover of accounts, and much more!