Parents & Supporters

This is an exciting and emotional time for most families as students prepare to come to university, many of them leaving home for the first time. You’re probably experiencing mixed emotions–feeling proud of your child’s accomplishments, a little uneasy with how quickly the time has passed, and a perhaps anxious about what the next year has in store for your son or daughter, and you. 

Rest assured, this will be a wonderful year for you and your UNB student. We have all the safety and support systems in place to make sure your child’s first-year experience is an enriching and positive one.

We want this experience to be fun for you, too. You are an important part of your child’s success. You can help your student and share some of the excitement by attending Orientation for Parents & Supporters.

Transitions present challenges, as well as opportunities for growth. The UNB Fredericton Parents website offers advice on how to prepare yourself and your student to make the transition to first year. It will help you find that delicate balance between staying involved and letting go.

We also offer a newsletter for parents of current students. Sign up here to get updates on what’s happening on campus.

Of course, we’re always happy to hear from you. Please call us anytime with your questions or concerns: +1 506 453-4800.

Welcome to the UNB residence community!