Students with Special Needs

If you’re planning to live in residence, please fill out our Special Room Assignment Consideration form. This form can be accessed through the online application under the Supporting Documentation section or can be provided by the Residence Administration office.

This will help us assign or customize a room to meet your needs. 

Many of the buildings in the UNB Residence Community have been built or renovated to accommodate you. Ramps allow easy access, elevators have been installed in several residences and some rooms can be customized to meet special needs.

Residents in all houses welcome students with disabilities into house activities and the residence community as a whole.

If you have special dietary requirements, please book an appointment with our professional dietitian at UNB Student Health 506 453-4837. The dietitian can recommend to Sodexo special foods or menus to accommodate you. Dietary information is posted at each meal for your convenience.