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The Support You Need and the Fun You WantStudent in MacKenzie

If you’ve decided that residence life is for you, congratulations! You’ve made a wise choice. First-year students do better academically, socially and in every way when they live in residence.

This section will help with everything from applying for your room to getting along with your roommate. You’ll find out how to prepare for first year and to move into residence with minimal stress and maximum fun!

Undecided about whether to live in residence? Browse through our Residences and see what we have to offer. You can also book a campus tour to see a model room for yourself.

Residence offers convenience, a safe environment and opportunities for growth. You’re close to everything on campus, including classes, academic support services, such as libraries, tutors and professors. You have the support of residence leaders – Proctors, RLCs, House Committees–and the camaraderie of a house-full of students. You’ll also have unique opportunities for personal, leadership and community development.

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