Advising Information

The College Coordinator at Renaissance College is available throughout the year to meet with students regarding registration, possible minors, degree requirements and options for concurrent and consecutive degrees. Students can make an appointment to meet with the College Coordinator (academic advisor) at any time. Generally students should arrange academic advising before the start of each term to ensure that they have the necessary credit hours to complete their degree program. Students should also meet with the College Coordinator throughout the year to discuss schedule conflicts, adding or dropping courses, and decisions regarding electives. 


To contact the Acting Renaissance College Coordinator

Sarah King

tel: (506) 447-3133 

E-mail: sking


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For the course the 4 year course matrix click here.


Renaissance college student resource guide click here.

Graduate school preparation

Students approaching graduation should be preparing applications in the fall preceding graduation. Start researching graduate programs early. Graduate programs and funding institutions have deadlines as early as October. For more information on graduate programs, click here.