Admissions Forms

If you have been offered admission to one of our programs, please accept your offer by submitting the Response to an Offer of Admission form along with a $100 (CDN) non-refundable tuition deposit ($250 for Nursing program students).

Certain UNB programs require that entering students supply additional documentation. Listed below are those programs and their requirements.

  • Education - Supplementary Admission Form
    a) Bachelor of Education for post-degree applicants:  The 11-month program is available to those who have already satisfied the requirements for a previous Bachelor’s degree. Special supplementary forms must be submitted.  Early application is recommended since considerable time is required to complete the supplementary forms.  Application deadline is December 31st.
    b) Faculty of Education Admission Advantage: Admission to the Bachelor of Education concurrent programs was discontinued at UNB-Fredericton as of the Fall 2007 term. In their place, the faculty is offering the Faculty of Education Admission Advantage to students who are in their final year of secondary school.  Application deadline is March 31st
    c) Faculty of Education Admission Advantage for First Year UNB Students: available to current students in the first year of their UNB degree program (completing a minimum of 30 ch) with a minimum grade point average of 3.3.  Application deadline is March 31st.
    c) DAUS (Diploma in Advanced Undergraduate Studies): for BEd graduates who wish to gain additional teaching qualifications.
  • Integrated Studies -Additional documentation is required as part of the application process. Applicants are required to submit a current resume and a personal statement of goals which outlines the reason for applying to the BIS program (e.g. personal and career goals, special interests or skills, qualities that would encourage sucess in the BIS program).

Students select one of the following programs: Bachelor of Recreation and Sports Studies or Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. A special supplementary form must be completed by all applicants, excluding high school applicants, and send as supporting documentation. This form is available here in .pdf format.

The basic program covers four years of general/professional education and is offered on the Fredericton campus. Early application is recommended (as soon as mid-year results are known). A Life Sketch is required for this program and must be completed and returned by the March 31st application deadline. A description of the Life Sketch requirements is available here in .pdf format.

University of New Brunswick students wishing to transfer to another degree program or to another campus must apply electronically to the Registrar for permission to do so, preferably before March 31st.  Applications received after that date will be considered provided that space is available. It is recommended that applications for degree programs with limited enrolment (Nursing and Kinesiology) be submitted preferably in January.

Please Note: First Year Engineering students must contact their Faculty directly.