Basic program

UNB's four-year Bachelor of Nursing program includes a majority of course work in Nursing as well as courses from other disciplines, including  English, Biology, and Psychology.

Opportunities are emphasized for clinical practice where students work with individuals, families, and communities at various stages of the life cycle and in a variety of settings. 

For more information on our courses please see the Calendar descriptions.

Academic Year Fall Winter Extended Session
Year 1 Human Anatomy I

English or another writing elective

Open Elective

Nursing as a Profession

Caring Relationships
Human Physiology I

Any 3 credit hour Psychology course

Open elective

Nursing and Wellness

Clinical Practicum
Year 2 Pathophysiology I


Chronic Health Challenges

Mental Health Challenges

Clinical Practicum
Introduction to Statistics

Pathophysiology II

Physical Assessment

Young Families’ Health

Clinical Practicum
Concentrated Clinical Practicum I
Year 3 Microbiology

Community and Population Health

Clinical Practicum

Nursing Research

Canadian Health Care Systems
Acute Health Challenges

Helping Relationships

Theoretical Foundations in Nursing

Clinical Practicum
Concentrated Clinical Practice II
Year 4 Family with Multiple Challenges

Nursing in Complex Situations

Clinical Practicum

Open or Nursing Elective
Trends and Leadership in Nursing

Nursing Practice Elective (Preceptorship)