Advanced Standing Program (ASP)

**July 2014 - Please check this website in the coming weeks for updates on changes to the Advanced Standing Program.

This two calendar year program, offered on the Fredericton campus, builds on students' previous university courses and required prerequisites.

Advanced Standing Program (ASP) students enter the program in January and finish in December of their second year. Students can then write the National Registration examination in February.

The ASP includes Nursing courses and a required Pathophysiology course. Clinical practicum courses provide opportunities for practice where students work with individuals, families and communities at various stages of the life cycle and in a variety of settings.

For more information on our courses please see the Calendar descriptions.


Typical course curriculum

Year 1:  September - December *

*Non Nursing courses pre-requisites for BN
Biol 1711 Human Anatomy (4 cr hrs)
Biol 2251 Microbiology (3 cr hrs)
Biol 2501 Pathophysiology (3 cr hrs)
Stats (3 cr hrs)
Psychology (3 cr hrs)

January - April

Nurs 1121 (3 cr hrs)  Intro to Nursing & Wellness
Nurs 1136 (4 cr hrs)  Practicum:  Wellness & Chron.
Nurs 1135 (4 cr hrs)  Enhanced Wellbeing
Nurs 1142 (4 cr hrs)  ASP Health Assessment

May - August

Nurs 2171 (2 cr hrs)  Young Families
Nurs 2172 (7 cr hrs)  Concentrated Clinical
Nurs 2133 (3 cr hrs)  Pharmacotherapeutics
Nurs 3052 (3 cr hrs)  The Canadian Health Care Sys.


Year 2:   September - December

 Nurs 3065 (4 cr hrs)  Comm. & Pop. Hlth.
Nurs 3066 (4 cr hrs)  Clinical Practicum
Nurs 3092 (3 cr hrs)  Nursing Research
Biol 2513 (3 cr hrs)  Pathophysiology II

January  - April

Nurs 3031 (3 cr hrs) Helping Relationships
Nurs 3072 (3 cr hrs) Acute Health Challe.
Nurs 3073 (5 cr hrs) Clinical Practicum
Nurs 3082 (3 cr hrs) Theoretical Foundations of Nur.

May - August

Nurs 3103 (4 cr hrs)  Concentrated Clinical II
Nurs 4111 (3 cr hrs)  Families w/Multiple Challenges
Nurs 4121 (3 cr hrs) Nursing In Complex Situations
Nurs 4123 (5 cr hrs)  Clinical Practicum

Year 3:     September - December

Nurs 4152 (6 cr hrs) Concent'd Clinical III
Nurs 4165 (2 cr hrs)  Integrated Nurs. Care
Nurs 4175 (3 cr hrs)  Clinical Practicum
Nurs 4185 (3 cr hrs)  Trends & Leadership