Admission process 

To be considered for admission to the Advanced Standing Program the following documentation is required:

  • application form for admission to UNB (or transfer form if already enrolled in another UNB faculty).
  • official transcript of marks from high school and/or community college or university courses.
  • a brief summary or life sketch to include:

                  (a) major experiences and important decision points in your life
                  (b) the reason(s) you have chosen nursing as a career
                  (c) your reason for choosing the BN Program at UNB

                   Life sketch can be emailed to

UNB application is available online.

Please note the application deadline for the September 2018 ASP program is November 15, 2017.

There are five pre-requisite courses that must be successfully completed prior to commencing the Advanced Standing Program

BIOL 1711 Human Anatomy (or UNB approved equivalent)
BIOL 2251 Microbiology (or UNB approved equivalent)
BIOL 2501 Pathophysiology I (or UNB approved equivalent)
3 credit hours Statistics
3 ch restricted elective in either the humanities or social sciences (see note below):


Social Sciences







Media Arts and Cultures

Political Science



World Literature and Culture Studies


It is not mandatory to have all five of these courses completed prior to applying for the program but they will need to be successfully completed in order to finalize the admissions process to the Advanced Standing Program.

Please note the deadline for completing the five pre-requisite courses and submission of the final transcript(s) is August 31, 2018 (for September 2018 intake). Students must achieve a minimum grade of C, or the equivalent, in all five pre-requisite courses and maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA (B or 70%) average on the five pre-requisite courses in order to be admitted into the Advanced Standing Program. 

We recommend that you contact us to discuss your pre-requisite course selection following acceptance into the program.