Undergraduate programs

Our nursing program emphasizes the abilities essential to work in the Primary Health Care environment with a variety of opportunities for clinical practice. 

Nursing students

By enrolling in the BN program, students have the opportunity to practice in a wide variety of settings locally and provincially, with options for study nationally and internationally. 

A Bachelor of Nursing from UNB qualifies graduates to write the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).

If you are of Indigenous descent you might be interested in UNB's Indigenous Nursing Initiative.


Requisite Skills & Abilities for Nursing Practice

The Nurses Association of New Brunswick (NANB) has identified the Requisite Skills and Abilities for nursing practice in New Brunswick. The Becoming a Registered Nurse in New Brunswick: Requisite Skills and Abilities document is intended to provide information for prospective nursing students, and others, about the general demands and performance expectations of nurses in New Brunswick. You can use these to help you gauge your personal fit with the requirements for nursing practice as a career choice.

"Upon completion of their nursing educational program, all student nurses must demonstrate the ability to meet the NANB Entry-Level  Competencies for Registered Nurses in New Brunswick  which describe the knowledge, skill and judgement required of an entry-level registered nurse” (NANB, Becoming a Registered Nurse in New Brunswick: Requisite Skills and Abilities). In order to meet these entry-to-practice competencies certain skills and abilities are required.

If you are thinking about nursing as a career we recommend that you read this NANB document to ensure that you have the requisite skills and abilities for nursing practice in New Brunswick. If you have further questions about nursing as a career please contact the UNB Faculty of Nursing.

Five abilities

The program emphasizes five abilities that are essential for working in a Primary Health Care environment.

  • Knowledge and its application - using and generating knowledge from nursing integrated with other disciplines, to provide safe and competent nursing care and to achieve the goals of Primary Health Care.
  • Communication - communicating effectively with diverse populations to establish therapeutic, professional relationships, to convey accurate and salient information and to achieve safe and competent evidence based interventions in practice.
  • Critical thinking/skills of analysis - critically evaluating clinical evidence, situations and practices, and learning how to formulate safe, ethical, and competent nursing interventions with individuals, families and communities.
  • Professional identity/ethics - developing skills and predispositions that support socially just and ethically caring nursing practices in complex situations.
  • Social justice/effective citizenship - becoming socially responsible professionals and global citizens

Four-year Bachelor of Nursing Degree Program

Admission to this program is offered at the Fredericton and Saint John campuses only (effective September 2014). Please visit this website for information on the program at the Fredericton campus.

Two-year Advanced Standing Bachelor of Nursing Degree Program

Admission to this program is offered at the Moncton campus only (effective September 2015). Please visit this website for information.