Gisele GalliboisGisele Gallibois, RN, BN, BA, M.Ed (CCA)

Contact information

Gisele Gallibois
Nurse Clinician II
Phone: (506) 461-5543
Fax: (506) 453-4519



Education Summary:

•    RN John Abbott College, Montreal (1983)
•    Bachelor of Arts, STU, (1989)
•    Bachelor of Nursing (Post Basic), (1990)
•    Mental Health Certificate, UNB, (2004)
•    Diploma of University Teaching, UNB, (2006)
•    Master of Education in Counseling and Human Development, UNB, (2007)

Key areas(s) of interest/expertise:

•    Mental Health Nursing, acute and community
•    Nurse-client helping relationship
•    Pediatric Community Nursing, daycare and opal program
•    Wellness Nursing/Health Promotion
•    Leadership

Classroom/clinical teaching summary

Clinical Teaching:  N1235 (labs and clinicals at the Wellness Screening Clinics and Daycares)
N1232 Cultural Encounters in Nursing
N2155, N2187, N2063, N2172 (Mental Health Clinicals, Community and 2SE)
N2187 (Clinical Practicum II, Opal Family Visiting), N2063 (Concentrated Clinical Practicum II, Chronic Rehabilitation, Duffy Unit, Oromocto
N3031 Helping Relationships Lab

Classroom Teaching: Renaissance College RCLP 1111 Forum I, RCLP 1021, Enhanced Concepts of Personal Wellbeing
Classroom Teaching: N4801, N4803, N4812 (Courses in the Mental Health Certificate program)
Coordinator of the Wellness Nursing Practicum N1235
Coordinator of the International Nursing Studies N1232
Lead Integrator in RCLP 1111, Forum Renaissance College

Professional practice, committees, volunteer work summary

•    International University Committee
•    Faculty of Nursing International Committee
•    Campus Wellness Committee
•    Renaissance College Level 1 Assessment Committee
•    Faculty of Nursing Ethics Committee
•    Chimo helpline