Emily ReadEmily Read, RN, CPT, BHKin, BScN, MSc, PhD

Contact information

Emily Read
Assistant Professor
Phone: (506) 451-6846
Fax: (506) 453-4519

Website: http://www.tfortenure.ca

Education summary:

  • Bachelor of Kinesiology with Honors, Acadia University

  • Master of Science in Kinesiology, The University of Western Ontario

  • Bachelor of Nursing Science, The University of Western Ontario

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing, The University of Western Ontario

Key area(s) of interest/expertise:

  • Health care leadership, management, and health human resources
  • Workplace relationships and employee health and wellbeing
  • Workplace transitions (including new graduate nurses)
  • Healthy aging, health promotion, exercise training, and technology
  • Quantitative and mixed methods research including surveys and interventions
  • Instrument development and validation 
  • Structural equation modeling 

Classroom/clinical teaching summary

•    Currently (2016-2017) I teach N2155 Clinical - Patients with Chronic Health Challenges which suits my clinical nursing expertise in geriatric rehabilitation. I am also assisting with N3092 - Nursing Research this fall. In the Winter 2017 term I will be teaching N4185 - Trends & Leadership in Nursing to the students at the UNB Bathurst site.
•    In the past I have taught courses in data analysis and professional practice to nursing students in the 4-year BScN program and quantitative methodology to students in the nursing graduate program at the University of Western Ontario. I also have 12 years of experience working as a teaching and lab assistant for a wide range of kinesiology and nursing courses.

Research, grants & publications summary

Recent Publications:

  • Laschinger, H. K. S. & Read, E. A. (in press). The effect of authentic leadership, person-job-fit, and civility norms on new graduate nurses’ experiences of co-worker incivility and burnout. Journal of Nursing Administration.

  • Laschinger, H. K. S., Cummings, G., Leiter, M., Wong, C., MacPhee, M., Ritchie, J., ... & Read, E. A. (2016). Starting out: A national longitudinal study of Canadian new graduate nurses. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 57, 82-95. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2016.01.005

  • Laschinger, H. K. S., Zhu, J. & Read, E. A. (2016). The effect of new nurses’ perceptions of professional practice behaviours on quality of patient care, job satisfaction and career retention. Journal of Nursing Management. Early Online. DOI: 10.1111/jonm.12370

  • Read, E.A., & Laschinger, HKS. (2015). Correlates of new graduate nurses’ experiences of workplace mistreatment. Journal of Nursing Administration, 45(10 supp), S28-35. (Selected for Supplement: Nursing Workforce: Implications for Nurse Executives).

  • Laschinger, HKS, Consiglio, C, Borgogni, L., Read, E. A. (2015). The Effects of Authentic Leadership and Occupational Coping Self-Efficacy on New Graduate Nurses’ Burnout and Mental Health: A Cross-sectional Study.  International Journal of Nursing Studies. 

  • Read, E. A., Laschinger, HKS. (2015). The Influence of Authentic Leadership and Empowerment on Nurses’ Relational Social Capital, Mental Health, and Job Satisfaction over the First Year of Practice. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 71(7):1611-23. doi: 10.1111/jan.12625.

  • Laschinger, H.K.S., Read, E., Wilk, P., & Finegan, J. (2014). The Influence of Nursing Unit Empowerment and Social Capital on Unit Effectiveness and Nurse Perceptions of Patient Care Quality. Journal of Nursing Administration, 44(6), 347-352.

  • Read, E.A. (2014). Feasibility of the diabetes and technology for increased activity (DaTA) study: A pilot intervention in high-risk rural adults. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 11(1), 118-126.

  • Read, E.A. (2014). Workplace social capital in nursing: an evolutionary concept analysis. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 70(5), 997-1007.

  • Read, E.A., & Laschinger, HKS. (2013). Correlates of new graduate nurses’ experiences of workplace mistreatment. Journal of Nursing Administration, 43(4), 221-228. doi: 10.1097/NNA.0b013e3182895a90

  • Laschinger, H.K., Wong, C.A., Grau, A.L., Read, E.A., and Pineau Stam, L.M. (2012). Influence of leadership practices and empowerment on Canadian nurse managers. Journal of Nursing Management, 20(7), 877-888. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2834.2011.01307.x.

  • Stuckey M, Fulkerson R, Read E, Russell-Minda E, Munoz C, Kleinstiver P, Petrella R. (2011). Remote monitoring technologies for the prevention of metabolic syndrome: the Diabetes and Technology for Increased Activity (DaTA) study. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, 5(4), 936-44.

  • Stuckey M, Russel-Minda, B. Read E, Munoz C, Shoemaker K, Kleinstiver P, Petrella R. (2011). Diabetes and Technology for Increased Activity (DaTA) study: results of a remote monitoring intervention for prevention of metabolic syndrome. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, 5(4), 928-35.

Book Chapters:

  • Laschinger, HKS, Read, EA. (in press). Workplace empowerment and employee wellbeing. In M. Leiter (Ed.).Routledge Companion to Wellbeing at Work. London, UK: Routledge.

  • Laschinger, HKS, Read, EA, & Zhu, J. (2016). Empowerment and commitment in healthcare. In J. Meyer (Ed.) Handbook of organizational commitment. New York: Sage.

  • Laschinger, HKS, Stutsky, B., & Read, EA. (2015). Influence of leadership and support structures on interprofessional collaboration, team effectiveness, and patient care quality. In C. Orchard & L. Bainbridge (Eds.). Interprofessional client-centered collaborative practice – What does it look like? How can it be achieved? Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

  • Laschinger HKS, Duffield C, Read EA (2014). Empowerment and Leadership. In J. Daly, S. Speedy, & D. Jackson (Eds.). Nursing, Leadership and Nursing: Contemporary Perspectives (pp. 171-186) (2nd ed.) Chatswood, NSW: Elsevier Australia.

Published Monographs:

  • Read, E.A. (2016). Nurses’ workplace social capital: Development and validation of a self-report questionnaire.  (Doctoral Dissertation). Western University: London, Ontario. Contribution

Professional practice, committees, volunteer work summary

University Service and Professional Organizations:
•         Graduate Curriculum Committee, Faculty of Nursing, University of New Brunswick (2016-2017)
•         Council of Graduate Education in Administrative Nursing (CGEAN), International Liaison, Board of Directors (2016-2017)
•         Nursing Student Representative, Faculty of Health Sciences Council, Western University (2013-2015)
•         Nursing Research Advisory Committee, Western University (2013-2015)
•         Graduate Program Council Evaluation Committee, Western University (2012-2014)
•         Workplace Liaison Executive Network Officer, Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) Middlesex-Elgin Chapter (2012-2014).  
•         Awards & Scholarships Committee, Sigma Theta Tau, Iota Omicron Chapter (2012-2013)
•         RNAO Middlesex-Elgin Chapter Student Liaison (2010-2012).
•         Professional Events Coordinator, Acadia Kinesiology Association (2006-2007)
Evaluation of Articles for Scientific Journals & Conferences:
•         Iota Omicron Chapter of STTI – reviewer for research grants and abstracts for annual research day
•         Academy of Management Healthcare Management Division - reviewer of papers for Annual Scientific Meeting (Outstanding Reviewer Award for 2015)
•         Applied Nursing Research (Top Reviewer for 2013, 2014)
•         Journal of Nursing Scholarship
•         Journal of Physical Activity and Health
•         Journal of Advanced Nursing

Professional Memberships & Certifications:
•         Exercise is Medicine Healthcare – Network Provider (2016-present)
•         Registered Nurse, Nursing Association of New Brunswick (2016-present)
•         CGEAN - Network Advancing Nursing Leadership and Administration (2013-present)
•         Registered Nurse, College of Nurses of Ontario (2012-present)
•         Sigma Theta Tau, Iota Omicron Chapter (2012-present)
•         Academy of Management (2012-present)
•         RNAO Middlesex-Elgin Chapter (2010-2016)
•         RNAO Nursing Leadership Network Interest Group (2010-2016)
•         RNAO Nursing Research Interest Group (2010-2016)
•         Certified Personal Trainer, Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (2007-present)
•         Certified NLS & First Aid Instructor, Canadian Lifesaving Society (2004-present)
•         Certified NLS – Pool (1997- present) and Waterfront (2001-present)

Volunteer Experience:
•         R.E.A.D. Program Volunteer, London Public Library (2013-2014)
•         Heart and Stroke Foundation Volunteer, London, Ontario (2009-2010)
•         Special Olympics Volunteer, Wolfville, Nova Scotia (2004-2008)           
•         Kinderskills (preschool motor learning program) volunteer, Acadia University (2005-2008)
•         Assistant Coach, Varsity Women’s basketball, Acadia University (2004-2005)
•         Assistant Coach, Horton High School JV basketball, Wolfville, Nova Scotia (2004-2005)
•         Youth & Teen Volunteer, Cumberland YMCA, Amherst, Nova Scotia (1997-2001)