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Graduates from the Thesis/Report and Nurse Practitioner program streams and their completed Research work.

Nurse Educator Final Presentation Abstract 2015

Nurse Educator Final Presentation Abstract 2017

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Student research in the Faculty of Nursing is conducted in the two research based programs, Thesis/Report and Nurse Practitioner.

Some examples of current student projects include:

Title: Nurse Staffing as a Predictor of Exclusive Breastfeeding at Hospital Discharge

Natalie Warren, RN, BN
UNB MN Student

Health Canada recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life because of the known health benefits.  However, less than 15% of New Brunswick mothers meet Health Canada’s recommendation.  Exclusive breastfeeding at hospital discharge has been positively correlated with longer duration of exclusive breastfeeding.  Most researchers who have investigated the establishment of exclusive breastfeeding practices have focused on the characteristics of the mother and infant rather than the contribution of factors within the healthcare organization, such as nurse staffing.  Given this, a secondary analysis of pre-existing administrative data will be conducted to examine whether hours of nursing care per patient day help predict the likelihood of mothers’ exclusively breastfeeding at hospital discharge after accounting for maternal and infant characteristics. Study findings will inform health policies targeting exclusive breastfeeding.   Findings may also provide a foundation for future investigations of the effect of nurse staffing on maternal-infant outcomes.


Title: Experienced Nurses’ Perceptions: New Graduates in the Workplace

Anne Ballem, RN, BN
UNB MN Student- Fredericton

Experienced nurses are being repeatedly asked to mentor new nurses in an intense, demanding work environment. To gain an understanding of what it is like to be nurse working with new graduates I interviewed eight experienced nurses working on a nursing unit in two New Brunswick hospitals. Narrative methodology provided the experienced nurses the opportunity to reflect on their experiences working with graduates. Preliminary analysis revealed that experienced nurses continue to support new graduates in the workplace. This study may provide valuable information that will help nurses, educators, and managers gain a greater understanding about the dynamics between experienced and new graduate nurses. The findings will help identify interventions that can be initiated to support graduates and experienced nurses as new nurses begin their practice.


Title: Parents experiences of feeding a child who has become overweight

Sarah Aldous, RN, BN
UNB MN Student - Saint John

Over the past 25 years there has been a threefold rise in childhood obesity rates in Canada.  Parent perspectives about the development of weight problems in children have been under researched. This study used a Narrative Methodology framework to elicit the stories, opinions and experiences of six parents who were asked to recall the feeding experiences of their, now overweight or obese, child.


Title: Connecting With a Person Who is Suicidal: Mental Health Nurses' Experiences in the Emergency Room

Sandra Roy, RN, BN
UNB MN Student - Saint John

The purpose of the research was to learn more about the lived experience of Mental Health Nurses who encounter persons who are suicidal in the emergency room. Understanding ways to enhance making connections in the emergency room will hopefully lead to more informed care decisions, as well as, enhance professional, client, and family member understanding of these care decisions. Findings from this study contribute to closing the gap in research about mental health nurses' experiences during emergency room encounters with persons who are suicidal.


Title: The Experiences and Support Need of Internationally Educated Nurses Seeking to become licensed in New Brunswick

Kim Poley, RN, BN
UNB MN Student - Fredericton

The purpose of the study will be to inform health care providers, licensing bodies, educators, and policy makers (Sandelowski, 2000; 2010) about the experiences and support needs of IENs while seeking to become licensed as a registered nurse in New Brunswick. The research question, “What are the experiences and support needs of internationally educated nurses in New Brunswick?” lends itself to a descriptive study in which the interview data will be analyzed using a thematic analysis approach. This design will enable me to develop a detailed description of whom, what, and where of the phenomenon from the perspective of the IENs who participate.