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Funding for the Master of Nursing program

Students are encouraged to seek funding for their education and for their research from outside agencies.

Funding sources

Students seeking funding are encouraged to consult with the Director of Graduate Studies regarding potential sources.

The New Brunswick Nurses Union and the Canadian Nurses Foundation have been sources of funding for Masters of Nursing students as well as many other specialty groups who support advanced education and research in specific areas.

The Canadian Nurses Foundation publishes a directory of sources, which is available at the Graduate Studies office.

Project funding

From time to time, individual faculty members may have funding for Research Assistants associated with particular projects. If the faculty member’s research topics are related to a student’s thesis topic or interests, the RAs may be awarded to students for research work which forms the basis of the student’s thesis.

In other cases, there may be opportunities for students to gain research experience. Full-time students hired as non-thesis related RAs may not exceed 10 hours per week of employment.

Award consideration for full-time students

Full-time applicants who receive funding and are admitted prior to March 1 will also be considered for Magee Awards and for the Board of Governor Merit Awards.

Several Graduate Teaching Assistantships are available each term. Recipients will work a maximum of 10 hours/week supporting a professor/instructor with an undergraduate class.

Graduate employment opportunities

The School of Graduate Studies shares job opportunities (including research and teaching assistantships) with students by email. MN students in the thesis/report stream are able to seek employment for 10 hours per week.


The Faculty of Nursing offers academic awards and bursaries for all MN students. Applications are due June 1. Submit applications to Francis Perry, MN program assistant. You can find more information on these opportunities in the graduate calendar.

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