Students helping students

A Peer Mentor is an upper level student who is willing to share the benefits of their university experience with students entering the nursing program. Mentors are matched to a small number of mentees.

The purpose of the program is to:

  • Help students during the transition to the first year of the nursing program and being a UNB student;
  • Assist students to succeed academically;
  • Increase communication among all students of the nursing program.


  • Development of a helping relationship and enhancement of interpersonal skills;
  • Promotion of a positive learning environment that is conducive to study and academic success;
  • Development of collaborative group and leadership skills;
  • Satisfaction experienced from helping other students succeed in the program.

The benefits for the mentees:

  • Support from a successful upper level student during their first year in the nursing program at UNB;
  • Assistance with asking questions and seeking advice;
  • Increased awareness and use of student services;
  • Acting as a source of motivation within their peer group;
  • Suggestions or tips on how to integrate into nursing and university life.