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The Law Students’ Society (LSS)

The LSS is the umbrella student organization serving the students of Ludlow Hall. All law students are members of the Law Students' Society and there is a mandatory membership fee of $50.

The LSS represents students in a number of respects and the fees provide funding for all student committees and organizations.  Please see here for a current list of LSS clubs and societies.

Some of the activities include:

  • orientation (activities, barbecue, events, etc.)
  • social activities and events (pubs, balls, etc.)
  • student lounge "perks" (cable TV, telephone, coffee machine, refrigerator, microwaves, and foosball table)
  • intramural sports
  • children’s Christmas party (for children of students, faculty and staff)
  • student directory
  • legal conferences
  • competitive moots
  • bookstore
  • LSS website
  • Used book store
  • The LSS also recently helped fund renovations to the second floor lounge at Ludlow Hall

The LSS executive consists of a president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary and first year representative. Elections for all positions are held in the spring of each year, with the exception of the First Year Representative who is elected in the fall. The LSS executive administers the budget, serves as liaison between faculty and students, coordinates student events with committee and society chairs, and generally deals with student business and issues as they arise. Any questions, concerns or criticisms can be directed to the LSS by email.

2015/2016 LSS Executive

  • President: Felicia Tupper
  • Vice-President: Brennan LeJean
  • Treasurer: Andrew Hurley
  • First Year Executive Member: TBD

 2015/2016 LSS Council Members:

  • Chair: Katie Paterno
  • First Year Representative (S1): TBD
  • First Year Representative (S2): TBD
  • Second Year Representatives: Mark Mancini & Natasha Yard
  • Third Year Representative: Bailey Campbell & Nicole Heelan

2015/2016 Faculty Council Representatives 

  • First Year Representative: TBD
  • Second Year Representative: Elizabeth Urso
  • Third Year Representative:  Geneva McSheffery

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Aboriginal Law Society

The objectives of the ALS include (1) increase awareness to students and the greater UNB and Fredericton communities about Aboriginal legal issues locally, nationally and internationally; (2) provide an outlet to discuss and debate Aboriginal legal issues in a fair manner by having proper representation from all sides of an issue; (3) explore Aboriginal customs and traditions in a facilitated environment that fosters learning, acceptance, openness and initiative; (4) foster a spirit of openness and honesty between members at which communication and democracy are key; (5) inform the public about opportunities for Aboriginal community members at UNB Law.

Articling and Placement Committee

Each year two students are selected from the first year class to serve a three year term on the Articling Committee. Members of the committee accumulate, organize and relay articling information to UNB law students. All first year students are invited to sign up for an interview for a position on the articling committee.

Business Law Society

The BLS is devoted to promoting interest in the world of business and the role that the law plays therein.  We will be holding several events throughout the year, including a stock market pool, a brewery tour, guest speakers and hopefully a golf tournament.

Canadian Lawyers Abroad

The UNB Chapter of CLA operates in conjunction with the International Law Society.  The two societies have distinct objectives, but the executives work closely together.  CLA is a national organization that provides opportunities for Canadian law students to become more actively involved in understanding pressing good governance, rule of law and human rights issues.  Students who participate in hands-on domestic and international placements, have a chance to use there legal skills to help improve the lives of others.  CLA is also dedicated to raising awareness among Canadian public about challenging international legal issues.  The UNB Chapter will work to support the UNB student(s) selected by the national CLA to participate in an internship.

Charity Auction Committee

Each spring, this committee organizes a Charity Auction to raise money for various charities, primarily Transition House and the Canadian Cancer Society. The event is typically well-attended by faculty, students and members of the community. Student volunteers are essential for the charity to continue to be a successful venture.

Criminal Law

The CLS is our local hub for those interested in all things pertaining to the criminal justice system. It seeks to provide information to students on important current issues and career opportunities in criminal law by organizing events with guest speakers, coordinating educational trips (such as to nearby detention centres), hosting movie nights and operating a notice board at Ludlow. It's organizing body consists of two first year representatives, two second year representatives and two third year co-chairs, but any and all people interested in helping out are welcome.

Christian Law Students Society

The CLSS is a great place to meet and network with Christian law students and law professionals at the law school, and all over New Brunswick and across Canada.  The club offers opportunities to engage in conferences, charity and pro bono work, and discussions on freedom of conscience and religion issues.  Anyone from any denomination and faith is welcome

Curriculum Committee

This committee consists of one representative from each year's class and three faculty members. The committee considers changes to the law school curriculum such as new course offerings, the deletion of current courses, the scheduling of courses, and course content.

Debate Club

The debate club is a great opportunity to polish your public speaking and advocacy skills.  The goal of the club is to have fun, learn about debate and practice oral argument.  No experience is necessary.  There is the potential of competing in an In-House UNB Debating Tournament and the Atlantic Regional Championships.

Diversity Awareness and Support Society

Students interested in multiculturalism, diversity and LGBT issues are encouraged to join this society, which serves as both a social network and an advocate for diversity-related issues at the law school. DASS welcomes all interested students, regardless of their background.

Environmental Law Society

This society meets bi-monthly to discuss, create and implement environmental initiatives of both local and national interest. Members are encouraged to participate in various activities such as fund-raising, educational panels, and local environmental projects.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is a body comprised of the law school faculty, one student representative from each year and the LSS President.  Each representative has one vote on all issues raised at these meetings, including curriculum changes, course changes, and scholarships and awards.  Representatives act as liaison between students and faculty to bring student concerns to the attention of faculty.

French Law Society

This Society seeks to provide a "no-pressure" environment for those who speak French (or those who want to learn French) to practice their French skills. This society is open to everyone and there is no required proficiency level.

Grad Committee

This committee is responsible for all aspects of graduation, including: photos, rings, grad trip, and Grad week itself. To fund these activities, the Grad committee undertakes many fund-raising activities, for which they hope for continual support.

International Law Society

The ILS operates in conjunction with the UNB Chapter of Canadian Lawyers Abroad.  The two societies have distinct objectives, but the executives work closely together.  The ILS is focused on education and fundraising in areas related to international law.  In the fall semester members are invited to attend the CCIL (Canadian Council for International Law) International Law Conference held in Ottawa (in the past, costs incurred by students relating to conference fees, travel and accommodation have been subsidized).  The ILS is also planning to host an international law conference at UNB.  For further information, please look for the UNB ILS Facebook group.

Intramural Sports Committee

This committee boasts the highest membership of any Ludlow Hall committee. Ludlow Hall students participate in competitive and recreational sports leagues at UNB in the women's, men's and co-ed divisions. Traditionally, Ludlow Hall registers teams in soccer, basketball, volleyball, hockey, softball, ball hockey and water polo. However, if there is enough interest, teams for other sports can also be organized. No experience is necessary and everyone is encouraged to come and play.

Knocking Out Landmines

KoL is an annual event that pits Ludlow students against each other and members of the community in boxing bouts to raise money for both the Canadian Landmine Foundation and local boxing clubs. Students begin training at the Fredericton Boxing Club in September and continue until the event in March. KoL requires both students interested in fighting in the event, and students who are willing to volunteer their time in helping with organization of the event. Help knock out landmines in the 2009/2010 year.

Law Ball

This formal dinner and dance is the biggest social event of the school year. This event is unique in that it allows for interaction between students, faculty, and the legal community. Although the committee is chaired by upper year students, volunteers from all years are needed to make the night both enjoyable and memorable.

Law Games

Law Games is an annual social and sporting event hosted by a different Canadian Law School every year. Law Games are a great time and a great way to meet people from a variety of different law schools in an informal setting. The 4-day event is usually held in the second week of January.

Law Students’ Council

The LSC is comprised of the four LSS executive members, two Third Year Representatives, two Second Year Representatives, and one First Year Representatives.  With the exception of the First Year Representatives, whereby elections are held in the fall, council representatives are elected during the spring for one year.  The LSC participates in monthly council meetings during the academic year to propose, discuss and vote on Council business.

Legal Apparel (tentative)

Want to interview for a job at a Bay Street firm? Wondering what to wear to Law Ball?  Not sure how to match shirts and ties? This society may be for you. Its difficult figuring out how to build a wardrobe for work, and it can be intimidating stepping into a formal clothing shop for the average, uninitiated guy. With two planned teach-ins at two different men's clothing shops in Fredericton, we plan to give you the basics of how to dress both formally and semi-formally. We'll also explain why certain clothes cost so much, and help you decide how best to spend your money.  Also, we're doing a name our society contest, with prizes to be donated by local clothiers! And a draw for signing up! So please consider joining our UNB Law Society.

Legal Rites

Legal Rites is Ludlow's annual showcase of student and faculty talent. In the past, skits, singing, and musical acts have been popular but all types of unique talent are welcome. Everyone is encouraged to donate their time and or talent to this event.

Library Committee

This committee provides a forum for discussion of the Law Library's operation and its holdings. A student representative is selected from each year.

Mari-Joseph Angelique Society

Founded in the spring of 2008, the MJAS is Ludlow's prisoner solidarity group. Through it's outreach to those unjustly incarcerated within the North American prison industrial complex, it seeks to make a practical difference by raising awareness through relentless activism. MJAS has campaigned in support of the Cuban 5, the Angola 3, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Shawn Brant, Derek Twyman and other political prisoners and wrongfully incarcerated persons. MJAS assists with "From Behind Bars", UNB's prisoner solidarity radio show on CHSR 97.9FM and also advocates solidarity with peoples liberation movements which are often linked to many of the cases the group focuses on.

Mental Health and the Law Society

The MHLS is a new group to Ludlow.  The objectives are (1) Providing a venue for discussion and education about mental health issues as they pertain to various areas of the law (i.e. tort law, criminal law, etc); (2) Educating students on proper mental health care and the many resources that are available to them throughout their careers; and (3) Advocating on behalf of people suffering from mental health related illnesses.

Merchandise Committee

The Merchandise Committee select items to brandish the Ludlow name, including but not limited to: t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets. We work with a graphics company to choose quality pieces and interesting lettering and colours.


Each year this large group of upper year students, under the leadership of an orientation chair, plans orientation week activities for the incoming first year class. This committee is charged with the responsibility of making students feel welcome in their first weeks at Ludlow Hall.


OUTLaw is a student-run LGBTQ social support group for students at UNB's law school. The association provides input on legal matters that concern the Rainbow community. The members are willing to confer informally with Rainbow people and their allies on legal matters, and to offer peer support.

Poverty Law Society

This society seeks to assist less fortunate individuals and families in the Fredericton area. They seek to do this through volunteer work at the local legal clinic and at the Community Kitchen. Any individuals interested in legal and other issues relating to poverty and/or volunteering, are encouraged to contact the society.

Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC)

PBSC is a network of law schools across the country that pair up volunteering law students with area organizations who need volunteer legal work. PBSC's mission is to instill a pro bono ethic in students early in their career, to provide help to under-represented and under-privileged communities, and to provide a mechanism for students to expand their career opportunities.

Social Committee

This group is chaired by two upper year students but all students are encouraged to serve on this committee. In the past year, the committee organized theme pubs, a golf day, bus trips, a softball tournament, a Trivial Pursuit tournament, the Christmas semi-formal, and a year-end apartment crawl.

Speaker's Hour

Speaker's Hour connects the law school with people from both the legal community and the community abroad by hosting weekly presentations open to all students. The committee is dedicated to scheduling a wide range of speakers, who can provide a practical or academic perspective on current legal issues. The committee works with all other groups in the school in order to attract speakers who are relevant to the interests of all students.

Student Disciplinary Committee

Students on this committee serve a three year term and the committee has a campus-wide scope. In first year, the selected student serves as a representative on the committee, advancing to the position of co-chair in second year and chairperson in third. The committee assumes responsibility for the administration of student disciplinary matters, including scheduling hearings, rendering verdicts, and imposing punishments.

Student Union Appeals Board

Would you like the chance to interpret bylaws, write judgments, and contribute to fairness within your Student Union? Then consider applying to serve on the SUAB. The SUAB is the final level of appeal for decisions of all Student Union bodies, though the vast majority of appeals originate from decisions during SU elections. The SUAB is established by Student Union Bylaw 3, which can be found on the SU website. Interested law students, in any year of law school, may apply serve as Associate Appeals Officers. There are two (2) positions available, as well as two positions for alternates.

Tournament of Champions

The Tournament of Champions is a low-stress, high-fun casual sporting competition. Teams of 8 - 12 Ludlowites participate in a series of about seven or eight sporting events that occur on Saturday afternoons throughout the school year. It gives Ludlowites the opportunity to socialize outside of the classroom, to play a wide variety of sports, and to participate in a recreational environment open to participants of all skill levels. Remember: Keep Fit, and Have Fun!


Upper year students supervise the production of Ludlow's annual yearbook. Volunteers are welcome. Suggestions and submissions may be left in the committee's mailbox.

Women in Law Society

This group meets regularly to discuss issues faced by women and plan events such as an annual two-day conference and an alternative careers night. The Women in Law also oversee volunteering at a local charity known as Transition House. All Law Students (men and women) are welcome and encouraged to submit ideas on activities that the group might undertake.

Other groups

Ludlow also supports an International Law Society, a Business Law Society, a Social Justice Society, and a competitive hockey team. The Law School is also represented by one student at Student Council, the New Brunswick Law Foundation Annual Meeting, and on Ludlow's Heritage Committee.