Joint MBA/JD program

The University of New Brunswick offers a Joint MBA/JD Program (Master of Business Administration and Juris Doctor) which allows students to receive both degrees in four years. The Joint Degree Program is an option for students who want to add a business component to their law studies.

Normally during the first two years of the joint program, a student would complete the first year of each degree program.  Then, in the final two years, the student would be registered in the JD program and take a number of prescribed business-related law courses (that also serve as MBA electives) plus two required second-year MBA courses.  For each academic year, students would be registered in either the JD program or the MBA program, and they would pay the usual tuition fees for that program.  Typically, students attend one year in the Business Administration Faculty and three years at the Law School. Students accepted into the JD program are not able to defer for one year to complete the MBA first. Students would be required to reapply to the JD program the following year.

Admission to the Joint MBA/JD Program

Applicants must apply and be accepted to each program separately. The eligibility requirements and selection procedures for an applicant intending to complete the joint degree program are the same as for any applicant to the MBA or JD program. While an undergraduate degree is normally required for admission to the MBA program, completion of the first year of the JD program coupled with three years of post secondary education may be considered equivalent to an undergraduate degree for purposes of admission.

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