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During your time at the University of New Brunswick Faculty of Law you will need certain information much of which can be found here. Find the forms you need; schedules; course descriptions; details on the mooting and exchange programs; career counseling and more.

Course descriptions

The UNB Law curriculum includes a greater number of compulsory courses than most other law schools, ensuring that graduates are prepared for practice in the principal  areas of law. In addition to the seven compulsory courses in the upper years, students must take one course from each of the compulsory areas, and one course in which the student writes a scholarly paper worth at least 50% of the final grade for the course.
Currently, our structured curriculum also exposes students to critical perspectives on law, helping them to view law as a social institution and scholarly enterprise. By offering a wide variety of elective, upper-year courses, we also give students the opportunity to specialize.

For a complete list of courses and their descriptions please see course descriptions (PDF).

Reference should also be made to the University Calendar of Academic Dates. The general University regulations apply except where they are modified by the Faculty of Law Regulations. 

Please see here for the UNB Faculty of Law's Calendar of Academic Dates.


First Year - Fall 2017 Section 1 Section 2
First Year - Winter 2018 Section 1 Section 2
Upper year timetables Fall 2017 Winter 2018

Course registration information

Letters and memoranda
First year registration information
Course registration information covering memorandum (PDF)
Course balloting information memorandum (PDF)
Online course registration information memorandum (PDF)
Calendar and schedules
Academic calendar of dates          2017-2018 (PDF)

First Year Calendar Fall 2017 Section1 (PDF) First Year Calendar Fall 2017 Section 2 (PDF)

Fall '17 available courses (PDF)
Winter '18 available courses (PDF)
Exam schedule (PDF)
Special courses
Competitive moot teams (PDF)
Law journal editors (PDF)
Specialized Legal Topics (PDF)
Internship courses (PDF)
Non-law courses (PDF)
Degree self-audit form (PDF)