Wellness is a multi-dimensional state of positive health, and not just the absence of disease. Our level of wellness is influenced by many factors, including income level and social status, social support networks, physical environments, personal health practices, and coping skills. 

Help create a world that is truly ‘well’

While Canadians and New Brunswickers live longer than people in many parts of the world, improved wellness of our population would have a significant impact on quality of life and health care costs. Consider this:

  • 49% of Canadians (52% of New Brunswickers) do not participate in sufficient physical activity
  • 56% of Canadians (61% of New Brunswickers) do not consume 5 fruits and vegetables daily
  • 17% of Canadians (20% of New Brunswickers) smoke daily
  • 51% of Canadian adults (61% of New Brunswickers) are overweight or obese.

Imagine what this country would be like if we were truly ‘well.’  The Wellness Option is designed to prepare students to help meet this goal.

Internships tailored to your career goals

Our internship placements are designed around your career goals. Wellness placement examples include:

  • YMCA
  • NB Power
  • NB Department of Wellness, Culture and Sport
  • Dr Everett Chalmers Hospital
  • NB Fitness

Acquire skills and knowledge to improve wellness

You will be equipped to contribute to wellness initiatives in communities, workplaces, and other settings.  You can assist individuals with healthy behaviour changes and contribute to policy changes to improve the wellness of the general population.   

Students can expect to acquire:

  • An understanding of human body systems
  • Information on health and wellness
  • Strategies to promote the health of individuals and populations
  • Skills to plan and lead wellness-related initiatives.