EdwardsJonathon Edwards, PhD

Contact Information

Jonathon Edwards

Assistant Professor

Office Phone:  506-453-5139

Office Location:  2 Peter Kelly Drive, Room C105

Email:  jonathon.edwards@unb.ca

BSM (Brock University), MA (University of Alberta), PhD (University of Alberta)


Research Interests

  • Sport and recreation management
  • Sport and recreation delivery systems
  • Recruitment and retention of athletes by management of elite sport and recreation organizations
  • Elite level sport
  • Coaching and management relationships
  • Understanding the operations and the management of nonprofit, for-profit sport and recreation organizations
  • Understanding athlete pathways from a management and sport organization perspective
  • Athlete participation in recreation and sport
  • Youth elite level sport
  • Women's sport
  • Professionalization of sport organizations
  • Volunteerism
  • Collegiate Sport


Dr. Edwards has a BSM (Bachelor of Sport Management) from Brock University, a Master degree from the University of Alberta, and his PhD in the field of Sport Management from the University of Alberta. His research interests include examining the relationship between non-profit sport organizations and the government, hockey organizations and structures, coaching, youth elite level sports, professionalization of sport, player pathways, organizational reputation, legitimacy, professionalization of sport organizations, sport systems, and institutional theory within the sport and recreation organization and management context. Dr. Edwards is open to exploring new research areas and sports, and welcomes the opportunity to discuss new ideas and research areas.  Furthermore, Dr. Edwards is also responsible for supervising, advising and coordinating within the MBA SRM Program.

Current Research Projects

  • How private schools with elite level hockey programs fit within the Canada’s Elite Level Hockey Development System.
  • The recruitment strategies employed by NCAA Division I coaches for Canadian hockey players.
  • Female hockey players pathway and the evolution of female hockey
  • NCAA's recruitment of international female hockey players
  • Assessing the efficacy of LF delivery of the NCCP in the sports of hockey, baseball and soccer
  • Exploring the attractive features of franchises in the Canadian Hockey League
  • Examining the challenges that exist within coaching system through Canada


Dowling, M., Edwards, J., & Washington, M (2014).  Understanding the concept of professionalization in sport management research.  Sport Management Review (40 pages).

Edwards, J., Washington, M. (2013).  Managing a sport organization:  The impacted of recruiting, selecting, and retaining elite level coaches in sport.  Journal of Applied Sport Management 5(3), p. 80-112.

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Recent Presentations

Stevens, J., & Edwards, J.R. (2014).  An analysis of women's hockey development in Canada:  Is the Program of Excellence a model that works?  Oral presentation at The Hockey Conference in London, ON, Canada, June 18-20, 2014.

Edwards, J.R., & Stevens, J. (2014). Female Hockey Development in the Canada; An analysis of players, pathways, and pressures. Oral presentation at the North American Society for Sport Management Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, May 27 to May 31, 2014.

Edwards, J. R. (November 22, 2013). “I’m just looking for a warm body to help out!”:  Recruiting, Selecting, and Retaining “Qualified” Administrators and Volunteers. Presentation given for Sport Summit in New Brunswick.  

Edwards, J.R., & Washington, M. (2013). “Cross-border” Shopping!: Understanding the Resources and Strategies used for Recruiting Canadian Hockey Players by NCAA Division I Universities and Colleges. Oral presentation at the North American Society for Sport Management Conference in Austin, Texas, May 28 to June 29, 2013.

Chard, C., & Edwards, J. (2012). Understand the factors influencing parents’ sport choice decision-
making: A means-end analysis of hockey parents. Oral presentation at The Hockey Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, July 12 14, 2012.

Edwards, J. (2012). Retaining athletes through volunteer-based organizations: Organizational strategies
for surviving in Canada’s hockey development system in Alberta. Poster presentation at the North American Society for Sport Management Conference in Seattle, Washington, May 22-26, 2012.

Edwards, J. (2012). Understanding the role of private hockey schools in Canada’s hockey development
system. Oral presentation at the North American Society for Sport Management Conference in Seattle, Washington, May 22-26, 2012.

Edwards, J. & Washington, M. (2011). Reputation development and management in elite level hockey
clubs in Alberta. Poster presentation at the Petro-Canada Sport Leadership Sportif Conference in Toronto, Ontario, November 10-13, 2011.

Edwards, J. (2011). Legitimate organizations: The attraction of Canada’s elite level hockey players to
the CIS, CHL, and NCAA. Poster presentation at the North American Society for Sport Management Conference in London, Ontario, Canada, June 1-4, 2011.

Edwards, J. & Washington, M. (2009). Hockey versus Basketball: A Comparative Analysis of Collegiate
Basketball in the US to Collegiate Hockey in Canada. Oral presentation at the North American Society for Sport Management Conference in Columbia, South Carolina, May 27-30, 2009.

Washington, M., Chen, W., & Edwards, J. (2009). Comparing Canadian and US collegiate athletics: The
impact of national identity on organization status. Oral presentation at the Western Academy of Management in Midway, Utah, March 19-21, 2009. 

Current Graduate Students (Supervising)

Cynthia Lohnes - MA Sport and Recreation Studies

Ross Leadbetter - Interdisciplinary PhD

Bryce Swan - MA Sport and Recreation Studies

Lori Clair - Interdisciplinary MPHIL

Consulting Activities

Edwards, J. (2013).  A review of coaching education in the Province of New Brunswick.  Government of New Brunswick Funded (completed)