Bradford Nickerson

Dr. Brad Nickerson has an interest in algorithms and data structures for efficient search of multi-dimensional data. His current research activities in this area include data structures for efficient search and retrieval of massive volumes of spatial data, data structures for combined text and spatial data, efficient algorithms for answering moving object queries and distributed spatial data structures. 

He also has research interests in the area of wireless sensor networks, including the definition of languages and software to make it easier to connect sensor networks to the web.

Dawn MacIsaac

Dr. Dawn MacIsaac's software engineering research program is primarily focused in two major areas - Software Quality and Knowledge Engineering.

Some additional information about Dr. MacIsaac's software eningeering research work is available.

Weichang Du

Dr. Weichang Du general research interests including Programming Languages and Systems, Software Engineering, Knowledge Engineering, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Internet Computing, Mobile Computing, Service Computing, Cloud Computing.

Yevgen Biletskiy

Dr. Yevgen Biletskiy's general research interests including Knowledge Based Systems, Expert Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering, Semantic WebInformation Extraction, FPGA-based Design, and Renewable Energy.  This direct link to Dr. Biletskiy's research web page contains addtional details on his research activities.