Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

The current UNB Fredericton Software Engineering program tuition and fees are available.  Select your nationality (Canadian or international), enrolment status (full or part time), and degree program (Engineering or Engineering Co-Op/PEP).  Students pay a Co-Op work term fee (much less than tuition) when they are on a Co-Op work term.  Check out the sample student budget (scroll down to "Earn while you learn!") that shows approximately what Co-op students can expect to earn over five years (with six Co-op work terms completed).  Students can start their Software Engineering degree program (recommended first year only) at UNB Saint John; the UNB Saint John tuition and fees are slightly different.

Tuition and fee schedules are updated on an annual basis in April/May for the upcoming academic year.

Student Loans

Students who apply for and are granted federal or provincial student loans can use these funds to pay their tuition and fees. For further information on student loans, please visit the UNB Financial Office - Student Loans website.


As an current Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BScSwE) student, you are eligible to apply for scholarships from both the Faculty of Computer Science (FCS) and the Faculty of Engineering.  You make one scholarship application for all "regular" scholarships by following the first link below.  The UNB "Special Scholarship Applications" (e.g. Currie, Beaverbrook, Schulich) each require their own application. 

Useful links:

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