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Software Engineering Laboratory

Software Engineering Laboratory (Gillin Hall D120)

BScSwE students can take advantage of the Software Engineering Lab located in Gillin Hall room D120. The SWE Lab provides a convenient and comfortable study environment specifically for Software Engineering students. Workstations have a convenient set of very useful applications for software engineering courses and projects. All students currently registered in the BScSwE degree program automatically have access to the lab via their UNB student ID card. SWE students often hang out in the lab, and are part of the SWE family.  With access comes responsibilities; everyone must use the lab in a respectful, professional manner.

Course Matrices

Software Engineering (SWE) student course matrices for students starting in 20162015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009. These SWE course matrices show the courses needed to complete the UNB Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BScSwE) degree. The SWE course matrix assumes you are not participating in the Co-op or PEP programs. Participation in Co-op or PEP is highly recommended, and normally delays graduation by one year (but gives you up to two years paid work experience for your resume).

Course Matrix, starting in 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010

A link to UNB Software Engineering course matrices for the years 2005 - 2009 is available, along with a record of course changes for the same period.

Course Prerequisite Graph

A prerequisite graph of required courses in the BScSwE degree program shows which courses must be taken before (or at the same time as) other courses. 

Complementary Studies Electives (CSEs)

Here is a list of courses that are suitable to meet the complementary studies elective.

This interpretation of the CEAB complementary studies requirements attempts to show how they map to UNB SWE courses.

The UNB Software Engineering degree requirement for CSEs is at the end of the UNB calendar description of the BScSwE degree program.

Natural Sciences (BAS SCI) Electives

The CEAB natural sciences requirements are listed on p.18 of the CEAB Accreditation Criteria and Procedures Report 2012.

An interpretation of the CEAB natural sciences requirements shows how they map to UNB SWE courses.

Technical Electives (TEs)

Each student is required to take 4 techical electives courses (minimum of 14 ch) chosen from an approved list. Other senior level courses may be taken subject to approval by the Software Engineering Coordinator. The approved list can be found at the bottom of the Undergraduate Calendar webpage for Bachelor of Science on Software Engineering.

Intersession and Summer Courses

A list of planned FCS undergraduate course offerings, including those offered during Intersession and Summer Session, is available at the Faculty of Computer Science current students web page; click on the "Planned FCS undergraduate course offerings, 2014-2017" link.


Some commonly used forms and materials are:

Course Conflict Form
Permission Form to Register for Online Courses
Permission Form to Study Off Campus
Application Form for Degree/Campus Transfer
Blank Timetable
Lab Access Request Form
Services for Students Guide

Microsoft DreamSpark Premium

Formerly called the Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA), DreamSpark Premium is a Microsoft program available to academic organizations, mainly colleges and universities. Students who are studying at UNB in one of the Faculty of  Computer Science or BScSwE degree (or certificate) programs can acquire licensed copies of Microsoft software such as Microsoft Windows, Visual Studio, SQL Server and other products at no charge.

If you are currently enrolled in one of the above programs, you will automatically be issued a UNB DreamSpark Premium account.  To claim your account, go the Microsoft DreamSpark for Academic Institutions web page, click on "Sign In" in the upper right corner, then click on the "Register" button.  When asked for your account identifier Username, type in your UNB e-mail address, including the "" suffix. Once your account is registered, you can access (purchase with $0 cost) the more than 150 Microsoft software products at the UNB DreamSpark Premium web site.

Many other useful forms, resources and information are available at the Faculty of Computer Science "Current Student" web page.