Procedure for Establishing Agreements at UNBF

If you have an international connection and would like to propose a new Partnership please complete the process as follows:


  1. Faculty member or academic unit identifies a possible partnership. Initial contact is made with the potential partner to determine
    1. level of interest,
    2. the appropriate contact(s),
    3. a high-level plan of the possible partnership.
  2. If there interest from both parties, the Faculty informs the International Relations Office (IRO) of the opportunity.
  3. The Faculty completes an "International Agreement Evaluation Criteria Form" to assist in assessing the overall feasibility and benefit of the proposed Agreement for the Faculty and other UNBF units that would be affected.
  4. Completed form is returned to the IRO who will seek feedback from any parties (at UNBF or UNBSJ) who would be impacted. Budget analysts may also be consulted.
  5. If the Agreement is to proceed, the IRO provides a template document and/or works with the Faculty to develop a draft Agreement which is distributed to all stakeholders for feedback.
  6. If acceptable, the draft it is taken to the Vice-President (Academic) along with a summary of the results from the "International Agreement Evaluation Criteria Form", a list of all the UNBF/UNBSJ units affected by the agreement, and the IRO’s recommendation.
  7. After the signature is received, the IRO sends the Agreement to the partner institution for their sign-off. Once all parties have signed, the IRO will keep a copy of the Agreement on behalf of UNB and distribute copies to the main parties of the agreement.
  8. The IRO will communicate with the main UNBF Agreement partner before the Agreement expires to assess the overall success of the partnership and the particulars of the Agreement and consult UNBF/UNBSJ stakeholders to determine whether the Agreement should be renewed or terminated.