Full Scale Mechanical Testing

WSTC's full scale mechanical testing laboratory boasts numerous machines capable of testing a wide variety of products including lumber, oriented-strand board (OSB), I-joists and utility poles. The laboratory also includes facilities to prepare the necessary test specimens to meet accredited test standards and custom test jigs for novel products. Major equipment include:

  1. Universal test frames up to 100 Ton capacityShear wall test frame
  2. Guarded hotbox for thermal property determination
  3. 50 ton tension tester
  4. 250 kN servo hydraulic test machine
  5. 150 kN twin screw Universal Test Machine
  6. Vibration and non-destructive test equipment
  7. 2 accelerated weathering chambers
  8. Lumber stress grading machine / MSR
  9. Walk-in controlled environmental chambers