Wood Composite Laboratory

Located in the Strickland Building at the Hugh John Flemming Forestry Complex, the laboratory was created to help develop and improve existing industrial manufacturing processes for wood composite products. Research and development activities include evaluating innovative wood adhesives and additives for use in wood composites.

Having this integrated facility places UNB among a small elite group of North American universities that possess such research capabilities. The facility is considered essential for UNB to continue to play an important role in assisting the wood composite industry with improving existing processes and developing of new processes and innovative products. The equipment available in the laboratory include:

  1. Blender with spinning disc atomizers
  2. Mat forming line
  3. Small stainless blender
  4. Diffenbacher laboratory hot press

The wood composite laboratory is equipped with a capture hood type fume exhaust system.

Spinning disc atomizer blender (SDAB)  SDAB is equipped with a glass window for viewing flakes movement inside the drum