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Coy Road


The University of New Brunswick’s (UNB) Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management (FOREM) is seeking to partner with the Jorg, Gloria and Nancy Beyeler to develop a forest management plan for various parcels owned by the aforementioned, in the Coy Road and Albrights Corner properties. The goal is to develop a short-term (5 year) and long-term (25 years) plan to manage and operate on a sustainable basis.

Short-term plan (5 years)

  • Improve forest growth and species composition of productive and naturally regenerating species.
  • Identify and establish environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Develop a plan for access control, road system networks and improving natural water drainage.
  • Identify and develop a plan for all boundary lines delineating the property.
  • Identify and establish a plan for any areas that might benefit from silvicultural activities. While promoting long-lived species.
  • Develop a plan for possible recreational activity.
  • Identify any activities in the plan that may qualify and meet criteria for management funding.

Long-term plan (25 years)

  • Develop a plan for harvest and silviculture activities that continually improve forest growth, productivity and species composition. While promoting the development of un-even aged management and high-value products.
  • Manage the woodlot to promote white pine, red spruce, yellow birch, white pine, eastern white cedar, and black spruce ecosystem types.
  • Preserve and protect established environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Develop a long-term plan to manage the property with consideration of the proximity to lakefront residences of Coy Road and Ripples.
  • Develop a management and harvest plan to maximize carbon sequestration for the future.