Due Diligence

Everyone has a responsibility for safety

As required by the New Brunswick Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Act and Regulations, it is the responsibility of all faculty, staff and students to work safely in a collaborative spirit, to observe University policy and procedure on safety and to report all unsafe or unhealthy conditions. In effect, everyone on campus is responsible to observe "due diligence". Most importantly, it is the responsibility of every supervisor to exercise due diligence by taking all reasonable precautions to ensure that all personnel under their supervision work safely and that safe and healthy working conditions are being maintained.


Supervisors shall ensure all personnel (employees and students) under their supervision:

follow the OHS Act and Regulations and any other safety codes or procedures use protective equipment are advised of any potential hazards are provided written safety instructions, where prescribed; and exercise reasonable precautions to ensure their safety as well as that of other personnel.

Employees and Students

Employees and students shall comply with the OHS Act and Regulations use protective equipment, where required report to the supervisor any absence of, or defects in, equipment report to the supervisor any hazards or contravention of the Act or Regulations.

Employees and students shall not make ineffective or remove protective devices operate equipment or machines in a dangerous manner; or engage in pranks, feats of strength, rough or boisterous conduct.