Adult Education at UNB

The adult education program is part of the Faculty of Education at the University of New Brunswick. Our beautiful campus is located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, on the banks of the St. John River. Our building, Marshall d'Avray Hall, is located at 10 MacKay Drive. Our office suite is 228, on the second floor.

Use the UNB website as your major information source for details about university regulations, fees, and services such as computing and libraries.

What we offer

The Faculty of Education at UNB offers three credentials in adult education:

UNB Faculty of Education offers something for all BEd students.

Certificate in Adult Education (36 credit hours)

4-year Bachelor of Education in Adult Education (120 credit hours)

Consecutive Bachelor of Education in Adult Education (60 credit hours)

Bachelor of Education in Adult Education Handbook

Our philosophy of learning

At UNB we are committed to work collaboratively with practitioners and colleagues to critically challenge established ideas and practices, promote equitable access to lifelong learning, and develop new and improved programs and policies to guide the design and delivery of educational and learning activities for adults of all ages and in all contexts.

Our adult education program responds to the educational challenges of today's society, it provides an integrated program of credit courses, academic research, applied projects and continuing professional development workshops. Our extensive network of colleagues in Canada and around the world enhances our activities and keeps us open to new ideas.

In the past, formal education was designed mostly for young people who then entered the workplace to earn a living at a job until retirement, or who stayed at home to raise a family. Today's societal conditions are different and lifelong learning, human resource development, recurrent education, alternative lifestyles and experiential learning are replacing conventional educational patterns. At the same time, conventional methods of delivering educational programs face-to-face in classrooms are being replaced by other modes of interactive teaching and learning such as audio, video and computer conferencing using the Internet.

UNB's adult education programs are designed for those in government, business and industry, voluntary organizations, educational institutions and other settings who wish to advance their theoretical understanding of adult learning and to improve their practical skills in working with diverse groups of adult learners. The programs allow learners to examine research and proven principles related to adult learning and development, the nature of adult learners, the historical and philosophical background of adult education, and the development, implementation, facilitation and evaluation of programs, services and resources for adult learners.

Our learners

Participants in our programs have at least one year (or equivalent) of full-time experience in one or more sectors of adult education. Such experience and background enables learners to participate fully in experiential analyses, self-reflection and critical thinking about the field.

Program delivery and design

As far as is practical, we try to reach learners where they live. Adult education courses are offered to sites across Canada using blended distance technologies.

Program design

Faculty members are committed to concepts and principles based on both guided and autonomous learning, alone and in collaborative groups. Students are expected to assume responsibility for their own learning and to actively participate in the construction of adult learning environments.

Our students are expected to gain, with help, adequate skills in using electronic library services since increasing quantities of reputable scholarly material is now held in licensed databases. UNB libraries hold many workshops and provide individual consultations to help learners upgrade their information literacy skills.