Great educators start here.

Bachelor of Education (BEd)

UNB BEd students participate in unique learning  and teaching experiences.

The Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree requires that students complete a Bachelor's degree before applying for the BEd degree. If accepted, students will be required to complete 60 credit hours of combined course work and in-school experience and will require eleven months to complete the degree.  UNB offers the unique opportunity to complete a practicum in an international context.

BEd graduates are ready to begin a professional career and to broaden and deepen their professional expertise through continuing study. Students acquire the knowledge, ethical standards, skills, dispositions, and flexibility needed to address current problems in education both creatively and effectively, and to think critically about professional practice.

Students have access to centres in the Faculty which provide teaching, research, and educational services to schools and communities. These include centres established for the study of First Nations education, early childhood, mathematics education, second language learning, and social studies education.

Specialized programs that create opportunities

The Education program at UNB offers you the chance to take more courses in specialized areas of interest than most other universities, while still maintaining some diversification. Specialization areas include:

Art Health Science
Literacy Drama Music
Mathematics Social Studies Special Education
Physical Education Technology Education Aboriginal Education
Guidance and Counseling Early Childhood Education Second Language Education

The Faculty has a combined enrollment of approximately 900 students, 90 of which are undergraduate, and 30 full-time professors. Faculty members regularly work with teachers in the field and have been instrumental in writing many of the curriculum documents for the Province of New Brunswick, as well as textbooks used across the country. They provide a rich academic and professional environment in which you can learn.

Our support team — the Dean, two Associate Deans, the Coordinator of Student Programs and a Director of Field Services — will ensure that all your academic needs are met.