Pam Whitty

Name: Pam Whitty; Professor/Director UNB-Early Childhood Centre
Area: Early Childhood Education and Critical Studies
Phone: 506-447-3113
Fax:    506-458-7841

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Education summary: (BA, BEd, Med, EdD)

My educational working life began in child care centres, places where I could form wonderful relationships with children and their families. After that, I worked in kindgarten, first grade, special education, and as a methods and resource teacher. As a primary school educator, I loved helping children learn to read- figuring out  with them how to connect with print, and the multifacted worlds of reading and writing. Along the way, I continued my studies in early childhood, early literacies, special education, and feminist and critical studies. Since being at UNB, in addtion to teaching early childhood and graduate courses  I have had the good fortune to be involved in many community based research projects, some of which are noted below.

Key area(s) of scholarly expertise:

Early Childhood Reconceptualist Curriculum, Early Literacies, Cultural Constructions of Childhood, Critical Conversational Research

Classroom/practicum teaching summary:

Some courses I have taught at UNB include Symbolic Representation in Play, Pictures and Print; Cultural Constructions of Childhood, Early Childhood Curriculum and Evaluation; Curriuclum Theory, Introduction to Critical Studies; Research as Critical Praxis, and  Qualiative Research.
I have had lots of opportunities to be involved in various practicum projects including: Critical Conversations in Early Childhood Practica; Teacher Education Centres; and most recently, I have been extensively involved with professional learning with child care educators in the New Brunswick. This  curriculum project has brought me full circle back to the pleasure and promise of early learning and child care.

Academic and Professional practice: Community Based Research

My scholarly work, and that of the UNB-ECC,  is mainly community based in the areas of early literacies and early childhood curriculum and is informed by critical –feminist perspectives. As part of the UNB Early Childhood Centre, I have co-led/co-authored numerous projects/texts including Parenting for Literate Community, Books for Children and Familes, Born to Read NB based publications, and the NB Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Child Care –English.