Ellen Rose

Area:  Instructional Design
Phone:  452-6125
Fax:  453-3569

Ellen Rose

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Ellen Rose is on sabbatical from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.  During that time, please direct inquires about the MEd in Instructional Design to the Faculty of Education's Graduate Programs office at 506-453-4600

Education summary:

2001    University New Brunswick           PhD
1989    University New Brunswick           MEd
1982    University Victoria             BEd
1981    University Victoria             BA

Key area(s) of interest/expertise:

Instructional Design
Educational Computing
Social Effects of Technology
Media Ecology
Cultural Studies

Classroom/practicum teaching summary:


ED6221 Instructional Design Theories
ED6222 Cultural Studies in Instructional Design
ED6223 Instructional Design Processes
ED6224 Needs Assessment
ED6225 Designing Constructivist Learning Environments
ED6228 Designing Instructional Materials
ED6902 Introduction to Research in Education

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