Alan Sears

Dr. Alan Sears

Area: Social Studies, Educational Research
Phone: 506-453-5178
Fax:    506-453-3569

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Education summary:

B.Ed. University of New Brunswick, 1977
M.Ed. University of New Brunswick, 1985
Ph.D. University of British Columbia, 1996

Key area(s) of interest/expertise:

Social studies, history education, citizenship education, comparative education, educational research, educational policy
Classroom/practicum teaching summary:


EDCI 3604     Elementary Social Studies
EDCI 2624     Introduction to Social Studies
EDCI 4625     Elementary Social Studies Curriculum
EDCI 5634     Secondary Social Studies Curriculum
EDCI 5656     Global Education
ED 3621        Introduction to Social Studies
ED 4620        Introduction to Teaching Social Studies
ED 4621        Learning to Learn about Teaching Social Studies and Science
ED 4622        Global Education
ED 4623        Introduction to Social Studies in Elementary Education
ED 5001/2/3  Teaching and Learning Theory
ED5071         Education in International Contexts
ED5073         Seminar in Educational Thought
ED 5621        Senior Project in Social Studies
ED 5623        Teaching Canadian Studies
ED6105         Current Issues in Curriculum and Instruction
EDCI 6107     Research Approaches in Curriculum and Instruction
EDCI 6656     Issues in Global Education
EDCI 6605     Research in Social Studies
EDCI 6604     Foundations of Social Studies
ED 6901        Doctoral Seminar in Education
ED 6902        Introduction to Research in Education

Recent Thesis and Reports Supervised:

Deepening Historical Consciousness Through Museum Fieldwork: Implications For Community-Based History Education.
Teaching History Infusing Gross National Happiness In The Middle Secondary Schools Of Bhutan
"Religion Matters: An Analysis of Teaching Religion in Canadian Schools In Consideration of a World Religions 120 Course in New Brunswick High Schools."
"Fostering Ecological Literacy: A Case Study of the Saint John Harbour in Two High School English Language Arts Classrooms"
"Children's Conceptualization of Ethnic Diversity: A Study with Students in Rural Quebec."
"Conceptions of Democratic Participation Among Recent African Immigrants and Native Born Canadians."
"Children's Understanding of Cultural Diversity in England and New Brunswick: A Comparative Study.

Professional practice, committees, volunteer work summary:

I have been a history and social studies teacher for more than 35 years, working at all levels from primary to graduate school. My research and writing have been in the fields of social studies, citizenship education, history education, and the connections between religion and education. My most recent scholarship has focused on how children and young people understand key ideas related to citizenship. I am principal investigator on an SSHRC funded project designed to map how young people in Alberta and the Maritimes conceptualize democratic participation and a co-investigator on a similar project looking at how young people and teachers conceptualize diversity in Canada

I am the editor of the journal Citizenship Teaching and Learning (,id=193/) and a member of the Executive Board of the History Education Network (

In addition to this program of work, I have recently coauthored a social studies textbook for grade 6 in Alberta titled Voices of Democracy: Action and Participation and I regularly conduct workshops with teachers on social studies and citizenship education.