Course list by area of study

ED 6142     Becoming an Authentic Teacher in Adult Education
ED 6143     Adult Education - Origins and Trends
ED 6144     Adult Learning
ED 6145     Program Planning for Educators
ED 6146     Methods and Strategies for Facilitating Adult Learning
ED 6153     Adult Development
ED 6156     Women And Education
ED 6163     Educational Gerontology
ED 6165     Adult Education in Community Development
ED 6168     Applied Ethics for the Education and Training of Adults
ED 6169     Flexible Learning: Integrating Learning Services And Technologies

ED 6049     Group Procedures. In Counselling Psychology
ED 6069     Appraisal for Counsellors
ED 6071     Theories in Counselling Psychology
ED 6072     Processes and Skills in Counselling  Psychology
ED 6073     Counselling the Young Child
ED 6075     Growth Psychology and Human Relations in Counselling Psychology
ED 6076     Career Counselling Strategies
ED 6078     Vocational Psychology and Career Development
ED 6077     Interpersonal Process and Practice in Counselling Psychology
ED 6081     Professional Practice and Ethics in Educational
ED 6082     Issues of Diversity in Counseling Psychology
ED 6083     Human Development and Education
ED 6084     Assessment in Counselling Psychology
ED 6085     Crisis Counselling
ED 6098     Practicum in Counselling Psychology
ED 6099     Practicum in Counselling Psychology
ED 6135     Issues in Counselling Psychology I
ED 6136     Issues in Counselling Psychology II

ED 6131     Research as Critical Praxis
ED 6133     Feminist Theory and Education
ED 6255     Aboriginal Education and the Colonial Experience
ED 6314     Literacies and Power
ED 6315     Dismantling Educational Discourses
ED 6366     Challenging the Authority of Texts
ED 6904     Introduction to Critical Studies in Education

ED 6101     Curriculum Development
ED 6102     Program Evaluation
ED 6104     Curriculum Theory
ED 6105     Current Issues in Education
ED 6106     Seminar in Teaching and Learning
ED 6115     Cultural Diversity in the Schools
ED 6116     Assessment and Learning
ED 6254     Children's Literature and Literary Theory
ED 6446     Teaching Problem Solving in Mathematics
ED 6579     Research Topics in Immersion Education
ED 6429     The Role of Language in the Teaching of Mathematics

ED 6001     Supervision of Instruction I
ED 6002     Supervision of Instruction II
ED 6003     Administrative Theory I
ED 6004     Administrative Theory II
ED 6005     Planning for Educational Change
ED 6007     Legal Aspects of Education
ED 6008     Assessment Literacy for School Leaders
ED 6011     Educational Theory and School Administration
ED 6012     Politics and Policy in Educational Administration
ED 6013     Elementary School Administration
ED 6014     Secondary School Administration
ED 6017     Leadership in Liberal Democracies
ED 6022     Developing the Middle School
Other approved Ed Admin courses, (e.g. Summer Session Institutes currently offered etc.)

ED 6016     Learning Exceptionalities
ED 6055     Principles of  Academic Assessment
ED 6056     Evidence-Informed Practices in Special Education
ED 6061     Teaching Gifted Students
ED 6063     Assessment Practicum
ED 6064     Behavioral-Emotional Disorders
ED 6066     Adv Communication Disorders
ED 6079     Introduction to Gifted Education
ED 6166     Methods and Resource:  Theory and Practice I
ED 6167     Methods and Resource:  Theory and Practice II
ED 6175     Supervisory Methods for Resource Professionals

ED 6221     Instructional Design Theories
ED 6222     Cultural Studies in Instructional Design
ED 6223     Instructional Design Processes
ED 6224     Needs Assessment
ED 6225     Designing Constructivist Learning Environments
ED 6228     Designing Instructional Messages
ED 6229     Instructional Design for Online Learning

ED 6015     Quantitative Research Design and Statistics
ED 6111     Writing and Publishing in Education
ED 6821     Qualitative Methods Of Research In Education
ED 6902     Introduction to Research in Education
ED 6903     Writing A Proposal

ED 6036     Philosophical Approaches to Education I
ED 6042     Philosophical Approaches to Education II
ED 6043     History of Educational Ideas
ED 6045     School And Society
ED 6096     Independent Studies in Education
ED 6097     Independent Studies in Education
ED 6108     Special Topics in Education
ED 6109     Special Topics in Education
ED 6901     Doctoral Seminar
ED 6905     Educational Praxis
ED 6996     Master Report
ED 6997     Master Thesis
ED 6998     Doctoral Thesis
ED 6999     Doctoral Comprehensive Examination