MEd in Curriculum Studies (face to face or online)

Shaping curriculum goals for better learning & a better future.

The MEd in Curriculum Studies aims to develop leaders in the fields of pedagogy and curriculum. Students develop the knowledge and skills to understand the theoretical bases of curriculum, to critically examine current issues in education, and to engage effectively in areas such as curriculum development, pedagogical innovation, and program evaluation.

Students will have opportunities to do advanced studies and research in one or more subject areas related to school curriculum, or to focus on unique contexts such as Aboriginal communities or French immersion settings.

Applicants to the MEd Curriculum Studies are required to hold a Bachelor of Education degree or its equivalent, with a grade point average of at least 3.0 (B, or its equivalent); and are expected to have at least one year of teaching or related professional experience. Applicants are expected to possess a background in the specialized area(s) of study to which they are applying; if not, makeup courses will be required.

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PLEASE NOTE: The MEd Curriculum Program deadline dates are January 31 (intended start date in May or September) and July 31 (intended start date in January)