Doctoral Studies in Education (PhD)

UNB's Faculty of Education PhD degree prepares students for solid foundations in educational leadership within academic, government, or private sectors. Our PhD program requires a thesis on original and significant research within the field of education.

Goals of this degree are; to assist individuals to study, design, and conduct research at an advanced level; to develop the competence and expertise needed to assume positions of educational leadership; to work collaboratively with colleagues in educational endeavours; and to continue their professional development.

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PLEASE NOTE: The PhD Program in Education has the one application deadline date of January 31 

PhD students applying to the PhD program and PhD students in our program are encouraged to apply for Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Graduate Scholarship competitions (Doctoral Awards are $20,000 or $35,000 per year).

Application forms and instructions for Doctoral Fellowships, and CGS Doctoral Scholarships are available at the SSHRC web site (

If you are our student (in a masters program or our PhD program), you are required to complete the electronic version of the application form and then print and submit your application on paper to the Education Graduate Studies office by the deadline date determined each year. If you have questions about writing your application, please talk with your thesis supervisor. Questions about the forms or the process can be directed to the grad office to Carol Ann Hatheway at .

If you are not our student and plan on applying for our PhD program, you will submit your SSHRC scholarship application through your current university, or independently if you are not currently a student. You may ask Carol Ann Hatheway questions about this if you wish at

Link for Scholarship deadlines and workshops below.

NOTE: All original transcripts (except for UNB) must be submitted with your application.

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