Graduate Programs

Graduate Studies in Education at UNB is a place where students advance their careers both academically and professionally. Our programs are flexible and suit the needs of working professionals and academics; courses can be taken full or part-time, online, and from a distance. Students enjoy our intimate class settings that promote a very collegial and collaborative environment; a place where students share camaraderie in learning.

Our expert faculty conducts a wide-variety of research in the following areas: Adult Education, Educational Administration and Leadership, Counselling, Exceptional Learner's, Critical Studies, Instructional Design, and Curriculum Studies. Students wishing to pursue a dynamic Master or PhD degree; our Faculty of Education is the right choice.

Faculty of Education Project Guidelines

General Information

How to apply to the MEd or PhD degree

Please consult the Master or Doctoral program section for the respective application procedure.

Graduate study fees

There is a term fee for research-based students who are doing the degree by thesis or project/report. Course route students pay on a course-by-course basis. For details regarding specific fees, please go to Financial Services.

Course Auditing

Only in exceptional circumstances can you take courses at the MEd level before being admitted to the degree. However, one must seek approval of the Associate Dean, Graduate Programs and meet the usual criteria for admission to the MEd. There is also no guarantee that any such courses will be credited to the degree once application is made.

Transfer Courses

The application form includes a space where you can request advanced credit for courses taken outside the program. This refers to courses taken at UNB or at another institution. There is no guarantee that any courses taken before entry to the degree will be credited. This is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Registering for course(s) from another university after enrolment in UNB graduate program

Such courses must be approved by the Associate Dean, Graduate Programs, in advance of registration. There is a limit on the number of courses that can be taken outside UNB.

Usual amount of time to complete the degree

Students should count on approximately two years to complete their MEd and four to five years to complete a PhD. The MEd must be completed in five years and the PhD in seven years.

Facilities available to students in the MEd/PhD Program in Marshall d'Avray Hall

- Students have access to the Grad Studies Lounge located in room 103A Marshall d'Avary Hall. The lounge consists of fridge, microwave, toaster, coffee pot, kettle, water, couches, table, and other amenities.
- The graduate computer lab is located in room 116 Marshall d'Avray Hall. No need to purchase print credits. Students can print from the printer located in this room and they must bring their own paper.
- An infocus projector and laptop is available to graduate students from the grad office located in room 226 d'Avray Hall. Please book at least 24 hours before. Additional AV equipment such as laptops, projectors, TV and video equipment can be booked through Media Services located in room 133 Marhsall d'Avray Hall.