Wiggles, Squiggles, Lines & Jiggles

Written by Pam Whitty
Illustrated by Trish Tingley

This is a joyful book about a young girl who loves to make marks.  She draws and writes indoors and out.  She is learning about the power of writing her name and drawing pictures.  And as she learns, she sometimes finds herself in funny situations that will make you laugh with recognition.

The first make that children make looks a lot like scribbles on the opening pages of this book.  Over time as children have practice with crayons, pencils, markers, pens, and paint they begin to draw lines, shapes, and the human form.  They also like to draw about their own experiences.  They might draw about a trip to Grandma's or the park.  Or they could decide to draw action scenes from their favourite TV shows or videos.

Children love to make marks.  It is a powerful feeling to know you can make your mark on the world.  As some of you know, children often make these first drawings and writing on a book or a wall.  However, they quickly adjust to writing or drawing on paper, dirt, sand, or snow.

Writing and drawing area an important part of every child's literacy growth.  In the beginning, writing and drawing may look the same, like lines and jiggles.  Usually by age three, children will tell you the differences between their writing and their drawing.  If you say to them, "Tell me about your drawing and writing" you may well be amazed with the stories you hear.  When children have the chance to make and talk about their drawings and writing, they share their thoughts and feelings.  They show and tell us their place in the world.