Seth Writes a Story

Written by Seth Buckley
Illustrated by J. O. Pennanen

This is a story within a story.  As a boy falls to sleep writing a book, the characters lift off the page and begin an adventure of going for a walk in the evening woods before arriving home safely.

Seth Buckley was six years old when he wrote this story.  The short and simple story gives us a hint of Seth's vivid imagination and his understanding of how stories are told.

Children learning how to read and write need lots of opportunity to have their words written down.  Children have many brilliant stories in their heads.  Their stories can be based on a special event like going to the dentist, an everyday event like cooking supper, or an adventure story like "Seth Writes a Story".  Special songs or poems could also be written in a homemade book.

Children are highly motivated their own thoughts and printed words.  Writing down a story that a child has told allows you to return to it over and over again.  There are many ways that as a parent you can help a child get their words on a page.  Some children can write words on their own, some can write a few familiar letters, and some prefer to dictate the word to you.  Home made books have a way of becoming family treasures!