Going on a Number Hunt

Written by Pam Whitty
Illustrated by Mandy Wright

In this story, a young boy goes on a number hunt right in his very own home and finds numbers are everywhere!  Join in with him as he counts from sun up to sun down and even on into the next day.

As a parent, you know how much fun your child can have counting out loud, counting the spoons on the table, the cans in the cupboard, or just saying the numbers out loud.  When children first start to count, it is common to name the numbers out of order - 1, 2, 5, 8.  When they begin to understand that each number stands for one object, they begin to count each object and name the numbers in the right order.  Then your children may really want to go on a number hunt, counting everything. 

Looking for numbers in your home like those on the remote control, or a clock, or a calendar helps children to match the number they are reciting to a number they can see.  They can see what each number looks like.

Children also love to sing number songs like" One, Two, Buckle my Shoe".  And they like to make up songs on their own or with you.  They really love to count the steps they are taking as they walk down the street or the stairs they are climbing.  When children take such pleasure in counting and naming numbers, they are learning.  So enjoy counting with your children!