Careful, Corey!

Written by Pamela Nuttall Nason
Illustrated by George Fry

Helping with household tasks such as putting away the groceries allows children to feel confident in their growing abilities.  Because of this, toddlers will take great pleasure in reading about Corey, a confident boy who brings his own style of help to putting away the groceries .

Product labels are some of the first words children recognize as they watch TV, go shopping, help with the cooking, or put away the groceries.  Labels can provide an opening for children and adults to talk about the size and the colour of packages, whether an item is needed, and what their family can or cannot afford.  As children engage in these conversations, with their endless questions of "why" and "what does that say?" they make important connections between print and their everyday lives.

As you read this book to your child, talk about what is going on in the pictures, point to the words and pause when you get to the phrase "Careful, Corey!", inviting your child to chime in.  Soon they will be able to point and say the words "Careful, Corey!" all by themselves.  And as they begin to associate the products with the labels, they'll be wanting to know what those words say too.