Baby and Mommy Go Walking

Written by Lynda Homer
Illustrated by Cheryl Bogart

Although I have loved my work, my best and most important job has been being a mother.  I have wonderful memories of evening walks taken with my children when they were babies.  My memories of these happy times have been the inspiration for this book.

When my sons were first born, they often had a cranky time after supper.  Going for a walk outdoors provided healthy fresh air and a change for both of us.  The motion of the stroller and the sights, sounds, and smells of the outdoors were calming.  It gave us an opportunity to enjoy nature together and to share a very special time.

I hope you will enjoy reading this book to your baby.  It is a rhyming story about mommy and baby going fo a walk.  The rhythm of the words and the sounds of your voice can be soothing for your baby.  The pages with full pictures show the many exciting things that are happening during the walk.  These pictures can be a source of conversation and add meaning to the story.  The pages with words have just one pictures  you will notice that the word matching the picture is emphasized.  You can point to the picture and show your baby as you say the word.  Once your baby begins to focus on the page and has favourites, point and say can be fun.